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Intensive Outpatient Program

The Mindful Health Foundation offers a unique treatment option that provides an additional step down from the intensity of inpatient, residential treatment, or partial hospital programs while still offering more structure and support than standard outpatient therapy. The program is designed for individuals who are able to take responsibility for setting goals and working towards them in daily life but could benefit from the extra structure and group support in the morning, afternoon or evening.

MHF’s  Intensive Outpatient Program is offered in three hour blocks in the morning, afternoon, or evening to accommodate any schedule.  Patients may attend three, four or five days a week depending on the severity of their disorder and their individual needs and preferences. Every effort is made by our staff to accommodate work and school schedules, including offering evening services Monday through Thursday from 4 PM to 7 PM. Intensive outpatient treatment can provide a much-needed step towards independence, provide stability and address moderate symptoms in a less intensive intervention than PHP. Each program is individualized and includes psychiatric care, individual psychotherapy, and group therapy. Other services available to patients in IOP include: nutrition counseling, body image therapy, movement therapy, art therapy, career counseling, family therapy, communication skills group, dialectical behavioral therapy, meal support, cooking classes, food shopping classes, meal preparation group, substance abuse groups, and release prevention groups. To meet minimum requirements, IOP patients must attend at least three days a week for three hours per day.

The Mindful Health Foundation’s Intensive Outpatient Program Includes:

Scheduling Information

Three to five days per week for at least three hours per day. Services are offered from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM and will be scheduled ib blocks of time that accommodate work and school.


A continued focus on stabilization of symptoms with enhanced education around self-monitoring and understanding personal triggers.

Group Therapy

A group therapy component including a combination of cognitive behavior therapy groups, body image groups, nutrition groups, DBT groups, movement therapy groups, substance abuse groups, relapse prevention groups & art therapy groups. Group therapy is a unique experience that affords the patient the opportunity to experience instillation of hope, gain a sense of universality and altruism. MHF’s groups are unique in that the focus is not on the symptom but rather on building connections, improving self-esteem,  developing adaptive coping mechanisms,  identifying & changing the dysfunctional patterns or roles one played in the primary family, and the development of social skills. Patients are encouraged to use active listening, newly developed communication skills and insight to address underlying issues that impact their interpersonal relationships in a safe and confidential environment.

Therapeutic Mealtime

The Mindful Health Foundation serves lunch and dinner daily in our outdoor kitchen and garden. All patients are welcome. Lunch is offered from 12-1 PM daily, and dinner from 6-7 PM. Patients may bring their own food or select something prepared by our registered dietitian. We often grill however the kitchen is equipped with an air fryer, convection oven, cook top, and toaster oven.  Our outdoor dining area and hanging garden is a pleasant environment to relax and eat. During holidays we prepare celebratory meals. We often include fun games such as Tuesday trivia, Thursday karaoke, and our famous Holiday Pictionary event hosted every year, the Thursday before Christmas. Therapeutic meals are often a complement of an eating disorder treatment plan however many of our patients that do not have an eating disorder attend for socialization, connection, and laughter.

Patients participate in group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy three times a week. In these groups, patients develop and practice more effective and positive cognitive and behavioral skills. Since patients are functioning on their own for a significant part of the day, we strongly emphasize training that helps them cope and solve problems.

This group helps patients build skills for tolerating intense feelings about their bodies, challenging distorted perceptions about shape and size, and understanding the forces that have impacted their body image development.

Art therapy provides one with alternative coping skills that are beneficial when one is looking to self-soothe, contain emotions, challenge perfectionism, and/or express themselves in non-verbal ways. Artistic skill or experience in not necessary.

This group offers educational and experiential components around stress relief and relaxation techniques. Tools include guided imagery, conscious breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation.

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks take place outside of treatment hours, however, the dinner meal is tackled each night during Intensive Outpatient Program.  This is an opportunity for patients to have a positive, pleasant group meal experience with the assistance and support of a registered dietitian & a cognitive-behavioral therapist.  Throughout the time in Intensive Outpatient Program patients also receive guidance with re-connecting to their natural hunger and fullness cues.

During the Intensive Outpatient Program, patients have the opportunity to check in with a Registered Dietitian individually to review their meal plan and set personal goals. Twice a week, patients attend a nutrition group led by a registered dietitian. The information learned helps patients make food choices based on knowledge, rather than assumptions, and on facts rather than misinformation. These groups also help patients process distorted thoughts about food and weight.

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