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The Mindful Health Foundation focuses on a variety of techniques to regain a healthy lifestyle. We strive for excellence & to provide exemplary care & attention.


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Referring a Patient

When you contact The Mindful Health Foundation as a referring professional, you can expect:

  • A prompt response from our team
  • A streamlined intake process
  • Notification of admission
  • Ongoing thirty-day updates with a copy of your client’s treatment plan and discharge recommendations to ensure continuity of care
  • Our staff will contact your client within 24 hours of referral, Monday through Friday.

We strive to admit clients within 48 hours of referral.

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Florida Mental Health Counselor Clinical Supervision & Florida Clinical Social Worker Intern Supervision.

The Mindful Health Foundation’s clinical supervisors have training and experience in individual and group counseling with clients in a variety of therapeutic settings, such as community mental health clinics, day treatment, intensive outpatient, inpatient, and partial hospitalization. Specifically, areas of expertise include eating disorders, substance abuse disorders, and mental illness, with special emphasis on personality disorders, Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, psychodynamic theory, nutrition counseling, body image therapy, and art therapy.

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