The Mindful Health Foundation Supervision Program for Registered Master-Level Interns.


The Mindful Health Foundation has approved clinical supervisors in the State of Florida for Registered Mental Health Counselor
Interns and Registered Clinical Social Worker Interns who are seeking their own licenses to practice counseling in Florida.

The Details

The Mindful Health Foundation offers a unique opportunity for Registered Interns seeking licensure in Florida. Our Supervision Program offers individual and group qualified supervision for Florida Interns on a weekly basis as well as access to up to 32 hours per week of private professional office space to develop your practice. Please contact us at (239) 434-6596 or visit our Contact page.

Supervisor’s Scope of Competence

The Mindful Health Foundation’s clinical supervisors have training and experience in individual and group counseling with clients in a variety of therapeutic settings, such as community mental health clinics, day treatment, intensive outpatient, inpatient, and partial hospitalization. Specifically, areas of expertise include eating disorders, substance abuse disorders, and mental illness, with special emphasis on personality disorders, Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, psychodynamic theory, nutrition counseling, body image therapy, and art therapy.

About the Mindful Health Foundation

Small private mental health outpatient office specializing in eating disorders and substance abuse disorders. We offer Day Treatment, IOP, and Outpatient services to adult patients. We are DCF licensed.

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The Criteria for a Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern

  • A master’s degree in social work from a Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredited school of social work.
  • Completed 24 semester hours or 32 quarter hours in the theory of human behavior and practice methods as courses in clinically oriented services, including a minimum of one course in psychopathology. Courses not considered to be clinically oriented are policy, administration, organization, and communities. (If you didn’t complete 24 semester hours or 32 quarter hours of clinically oriented coursework – one of which was in psychopathology during your master’s degree, but were an advanced standing student, you’ll need to have the school of SW also send a letter stating what courses you took at the bachelor’s level that you didn’t have to complete at the master’s level).
  • Completed a supervised field placement that was part of the applicant’s master’s program, during which the applicant provided clinical services directly to clients.
  • Obtained a clinical social work qualified supervisor.
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The Criteria for a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

  • A minimum of an earned master’s degree from a mental health counseling program or a program in a closely related field that is CACREP and/or REGIONALLY ACCREDITED.
  • For graduates of a CACREP mental health counseling program, you will need to complete a 3 semester or 4 quarter hour course in (1) human sexuality and (2) substance abuse. For graduates of a non-CACREP mental health counseling program or a program in a closely related field, you will need to complete 60 semester or 80 quarter hours of graduate-level coursework to include 3 semester or 4 quarter hours of the following course content areas: (1) Counseling theories and practice, (2) Human growth and development, (3) Psychopathology, (4) Human sexuality, (5) Group theories, (6) Individual evaluation and assessment, (7) Career and lifestyle assessment, (8) Research, (9) Social and cultural foundations, (10) Counseling in community settings, (11) Substance abuse and (12) Legal, ethical and professional standards.
  • Completed a practicum. For graduates of a CACREP mental health counseling program, the letter must indicate you met the required CACREP practicum hours. For graduates of a non-CACREP mental health counseling program or a program in a closely related field, the letter should indicate you met a minimum of a 1000-hour university-sponsored clinical practicum.
  • Obtained a mental health counselor-qualified supervisor.
  • You may become a registered intern having met 7 of the 12-course content areas if one of the 7 courses was in psychopathology. If you do not meet the practicum requirement, the hours may be obtained as a registered intern. Any remaining courses and practicum hours must be met prior to obtaining exam approval and licensure.

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