New Patient Information

Thank you for asking us to be involved in your health and your life. We take that responsibility very seriously. We strive for excellence and you should expect exemplary care and attention from The Mindful Health Foundation.


When you come in for your first visit you can expect to be warmly greeted and treated with respect and cordiality. You will be asked to fill out and sign the standard kind of paperwork that has to be done; examples of information are personal information, payment policies, and medical history. Because this paperwork can be somewhat time-consuming expect to spend about fifteen minutes to complete it. As always, for anything you do not understand please ask us for clarification.

After that, the clinical psychotherapist will review your presenting concerns. We will spend time getting a thorough history and the details of what brought you to us, problems you may be experiencing and so on. The individual psychotherapist may ask you to fill out questionnaires, surveys, or written assessments in an attempt to better establish an understanding of your needs. The individual psychotherapist may schedule a follow-up appointment if more information is needed. After your assessment is complete a thirty-day treatment plan recommendation will be made and your psychotherapist will review this with you.

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