Caring & supportive professionals will help you maintain your mental and physical well-being.


The Mindful Health Foundation offers a variety of outpatient services with evening hours available.

The Mindful Health Foundation's Outpatient Program Includes:

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Individual Therapy

Our master-level therapists specialize in eating disorders, mental health issues, addiction, and body image issues.



Group Therapy

We offer a variety of groups that are helpful for many including cognitive-behavioral group therapy, dialectical behavioral group therapy, relapse prevention groups, communication skills groups, nutrition groups, body image groups, art therapy groups, movement and dance therapy groups, and social dining groups (Tuesday is tacos and karaoke!). Day and evening groups are available.

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Nutrition & Body Image Counseling

Our Registered Dietitians provide integrated nutritional interventions for a variety of mental health issues, eating disorders, and addictions. Our body image specialist is a master-level therapist trained in body image therapy, and is a registered dance and movement therapist, registered yoga instructor, a certified fitness instructor, and is one of the most uniquely skilled professionals in southwest Florida.

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Art Therapy

Our therapists use art to help individuals interpret, express, and resolve their emotions and thoughts. Our art therapists will help you to explore your emotions, understand conflicts and address the feelings that are causing distress.

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